David Bowie Chronological Discography and Album Covers with Years

David Bowie’s Discography (+ Album Covers)

David Bowie’s (January 8th, 1947 – January 10th, 2016) passing this week was felt around the world.  His ground-breaking career included 27 studio albums, though references have been made to Blackstar being Bowie’s 25th album. David Bowie’s Studio Albums Here’s our

Festival Back Stage

Starting a Music Festival?

Music festivals are undoubtedly gaining popularity and starting one has become an attractive prospect to creative minds looking for a career in the music industry. If you have experience planning events, you are great a piecing together logistical puzzles, and Launch Right Around the Corner

2016 is just about to hit, and while we had hoped to unveil the new ( 2.0) in sync with the new year, we unfortunately must postpone the relaunch. Our concern for our team is always a top priority,

“Live Through You ” – from Nick Zaino – FREE mp3 download

“Live Through You” From the album: Blue Skies and Broken Arrows Written by Nick Zaino Year of Release: 2015 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Live Through You” by Nick Zaino (right-click and choose “Save as…”) Nick Zaino is an American, Alt Country band from Lynn, VT.

New England Music Awards Winners 2015

What an incredible night of music and fun at Showcase Live in Foxborough for the New England Music Awards last Saturday night!  Our congratulations to all the winners. WINNERS of 4th Annual New England Music Awards The Scene Award ~Winner Chris

MusicIDB 1.6.2 Release Notes

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Hayley Jane & The Primates – Gasoline

Released: Sep 18, 2014 I first saw Hayley Jane & The Primates at Discjam Festival in the summer of 2014.  While the band’s music is something you might think of as mellow, I would describe the performance happening on stage that day