“Carried Away” – from Dionysia – FREE mp3 download

“Carried Away” Performed by  Dionysia Written by Dionysia  Year of Release: 2014 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Carried Away” by Dionysia (right-click and choose “Save as…”) Dionysia is an Alt. Rock band from Burlington, VT. Visit Dionysia’s page on to learn more about them.

New Releases From New England Indie Artists

We’re always looking to see what new releases come out of the scene, and since we hadn’t come across an obvious channel for this kind we put together a quick Facebook group for announcements: New Releases from New England Indie Artists

MusicIDB 1.6 Release Notes

Above: Promoter Mailbox updates for Each Event. MusicIDB 1.6 has arrived! In this release we’ve updated the look and feel of the site, added a few exciting new features, and fixed a number of small bugs. Features for All New Landing Page

The New Way to Handle Booking and Promotion

Anyone who enjoys the night life of New England knows that live entertainment is a common staple of most venues and bars. From the center of Boston to downtown Lowell, the local music scene is booming with local bands forming

“Should’ve Known” – from Broken Capitals – FREE mp3 download

“Should’ve Known” Performed by Broken Capitals Written by Broken Capitals  Year of Release: 2014 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Should’ve Known” by Broken Capitals (right-click and choose “Save as…”) Broken Capitals is a Rock group from Boston, MA. Visit Broken Capitals’ page on to learn

Why Claim my Venue Page?

There are many reason why you’d want to take ownership of your venue page. Here are the three main reasons why it’s important to claim the venue page or pages you manage.   Exclusive control over content presented on that page. Once you

“Bad Co.” – from The Band Apollo – FREE mp3 download

“Bad Co.” Performed by The Band Apollo Written by JJ and Jtru  Year of Release: 2012 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Bad Co” by The Band Apollo (right-click and choose “Save as…”) The Band Apollo is an Pop Rock Group from Hallowell, Maine. Visit The