Festival Features

MusicIDB specializes in features for Festivals.  Here is a guide and walkthrough of the main Festival features available. 

Creating a Festival

Once signed in to MusicIDB.com – click any one date of your actual festival from your dashboard calendar.

Select Dates

Select all dates of your festival on the left side of the event creation form. 

Enable Festival Features

Enable the festival which requires an “Occurrence” such as the year or the location/city.

Create Stages as Needed

If more than one, create the stages and give them names (you can edit the names and even add stage logos later).
After this – go ahead and save your festival.

Add Artists by going to Set List Manager

Visit the Set List Manager by hovering on any one date of your event.

Add New Artists

Add Sets to each stage and add new artists by filling in details. You can tag this artist instantly in the future. Always click SAVE after adding any new artists. Certain functions such as changing the stage of any artist (see below) will prompt a refresh.

Tag existing artists

If the artist you are looking for is in the database, you can tag them. Any videos or embedded soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify from their page will be viewable on your festival website, as well as their social media, hometown, genre, and image.

Move artists from one stage to another

Move artists from one stage to another with the provided stage selector dropdown

Set list order (within each stage on each date)

Position your artists in the order of their performance. Most common use is “top” artist is the final set (“top billing”). WIth custom set times (see below), you can use the reverse order if preferred. Other stages will be “collapsed”, simply click their name to expand them.
You can also re-order stages to display the most prominent stage first with the “Stage order” selector.

Set list order (Actual / automatic times)

If all artists are playing the same amount of time (for example 45 minute sets for all artists), then you can use the actual times generator and simply provide the changeover time which would need to be consistent as well. This works for any or all stages.

Navigate between festival dates

Click the date tabs near the top right to switch between dates

Festival Lineup View and Website Integration

The Festival Lineup embed widget collects all artists from all stages (without duplicates) and displays them in a beautiful grid. Artist videos and embeddable media such as bandcamp, soundcloud and spotify are playable in a pop-up, without leaving the page (content must be on the artist profile at MusicIDB.com). Fans can quickly browse and become fans of artists they are unfamiliar with.

Festival Schedule View and Website Integration

The interactive festival schedule website integration allows your website visitors to click any date and browse artists and the lineup for each date.

Artist Detail Pop-up

View artist details + performance details in the artist pop-up of the embedded MusicIDB Festival widget

Embed Code

Click “embed codes” to get the code for your website.

Embed Code (cont)

Select the Schedule or Lineup preferred view from the dropdown and copy the code for your website. Remember to paste this on your website in HTML view (“Text” tab in WordPress classic) or in an HTML code element.

Re-order Lineup

The embeddable lineup collects all artists from all stages (without duplicates) – re-order from the Line-up tab here.

Finalize Your Event Schedule

Easy Drag and Drop interface mixed with a set time generator or ability to use custom set times so you can position artists on the bill as quickly as you can think of it.

Publish Your Festival Schedule Directly to Your Website

When you embed the Festival Schedule “widget” to your website, it’s powered by MusicIDB.com, so you can continue to drag and drop artists as needed knowing your website will always be up to date with the latest changes.

File Contract Agreements with each Artist

Negotiate with each artist and have them agree to particular terms before approving them to the bill

Organize Booking Inquiries

When artists inquire or express interest in performing at your festival, they are lined up on the events page so you can consider the differences and who you’d like to choose to play the event.

Record Ticket Sales from Each Artist

Keep track when artists report in before the event on Event Records screen of your festival.

Search and Invite Artists from the Artist List

Powerful filters let you search any distance from any city in America

Festival features require a festival account – after registering for MusicIDB.com look for “Add Pro Account” on the left-hand side.

Our Team is devoted to working directly with you as needed, so if you have any questions, we’ll be there to help.  Just email [email protected] or call 617-398-7774