Launch Right Around the Corner

by MusicIDB Team

2016 is just about to hit, and while we had hoped to unveil the new ( 2.0) in sync with the new year, we unfortunately must postpone the relaunch.

Our concern for our team is always a top priority, and during a period of severe illness, we decided it more important to allow one of our lead developers ample recovery time than to push the planned launch date.

We’re happy to say our developer is recovering well and we’re getting back on track with the final updates.

Thanks for your patience and continued support. We’ll announce the new launch date as soon as we are able to nail it down. The new site will be worth the wait! will include

  • Improved Aesthetic
  • Much Faster ‘Add Event’ Experience
  • Calendar View – akin to a ‘Google Calendar’ experience
  • Mailbox Screen to view all messages, which is sortable, searchable and provides a great work-flow experience. Messaging that was built for live music.
  • Radius Search – Find artists or gigs within x miles of any given city.
  • Tag Notifications – If your claimed artist listing is tagged on an event, you can receive a notification

We can’t wait to share the work we’ve done for with you in 2016, have a great New Year’s tonight!

More information about and the changes from available on our press release here.

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