Dropping the Bomb and Building MusicIDB.com – The Music Industry Database

by MusicIDB Team

Lowell, MA 11-09-2015 – For Immediate ReleaseMusicIDB, Inc. a live music database with booking and promotion features, is announcing a company rebrand and 2.0 website launch scheduled for January 1st, 2016.

MusicIDB.com will become MusicIDB.com The Music Industry Database.  Built for live local music.

One major difference, is that bookers are now able to message and book individual artists for free.  This experience won’t be hindered by a limited trial period either.   The previous site would have billed $30/month to bookers who extended use beyond a certain trial period.  Over time, MusicIDB.com will introduce premium subscription packages with add-on features for advanced bookers.  Artists will still enjoy all of the existing booking and promotion features at no cost.

Since the beta version of MusicIDB.com was launched in October of 2013, focusing on delivering opportunities from local bookers to artists, the site has gained just over 1,000 users, most of which are from the New England area.  There are hundreds of bookings and relationships that began on MusicIDB.com from a posted gig opportunity.

An example from an artist who landed a gig at last month’s Last Band Standing final battle at the Hard Rock Cafe:

Promoters and Venue representatives, or ‘bookers’ as an umbrella term for both, have confirmed that they really need something like this, but that the beta version of the site was not easy enough to use, and was too focused on just filling open dates.

By shifting the focus the team is working to provide the absolute best platform for independent artists and local bookers to manage their calendar and share  information about events. This will is accomplished with a combination of innovative, cutting edge technology, organizing the database so it’s an interactive and useful resource.  The rebranded MusicIDB.com will continue to be an organization that considers music to be essential to our lives, and will do everything in its power to help and support independent artists and bookers.

The 2.0 Site

Thanks to a significant angel investment in August, two additional developers were brought on, giving the team the push needed to launch the significantly improved 2.0 site.

The relaunched site will be geo-targeted to each user, so a musician signing up their band in Rhode Island won’t get emails about gig opportunities in New Hampshire unless they explicitly set the distance range far enough for that.

Three notable features that are planned to be available for the first time with the re-launch of the site scheduled  for January 1st, 2016 are:

1. Calendar Home Screen

Simple and powerful, imagine a Google-calendar specially set up for live music.  Users will be able to quickly tag any artist to any venue to promote a show to the entire database and integrated channels.

2. In-site Mailbox

A new in-site mailbox will be sortable, searchable and provide a great work-flow experience.  Messaging that was built for live music.

3. Your Artist Network

For bookers, this is your own little black book of artists, sortable by who you’ve booked before, who wants to get booked, and who you want to book.  The site will allow you to instantly group-message any segment of active artists from either your network or the database about an opportunity.

The New Name: MusicIDB.com – The Music Industry Database

Music-IDB-over light -bgThe rebranding will clear up some initial confusion about what MusicIDB.com was meant to be.

MusicIDB’s name led to misinterpretations about what kind of artists would use the site,  and why the word bomb was chosen.

“We might have gone in another direction sooner, if not for the fact that a lot of people were excited about what we’re doing, and were happy to support MusicIDB.com” cofounder Mitch Candiano explains.

Music Industry Database

“We decided to call the website what it is on the surface – a Music Industry Database, so MusicIDB.com, and the site will also be available at MusicIndustryDatabase.com.

We don’t want to reveal too much too soon, but when we’re done, it will be everything you’d expect from MusicIndustryDatabase.com, and much more.” assures cofounder and CEO Brian Bahia.

Official Brand Icon

MusicIDB Social IconThis is thsocial-icons2e official icon of MusicIDB.com, which will be recommended for bookers and artists who choose to provide a social link back to their MusicIDB.com page, where bookers list opportunities and artists can be directly booked.

About MusicIDB.com and Megabase, Inc.

MusicIDB.com – The Music Industry Database is an Entertainment Management platform for Bookers and Artists. The site, while acting as an informational database organizing thousands of artists, venues and companies, provides an advanced set of features for managing entertainment calendars, which includes booking, announcing and promoting events.

Megabase, Inc. is a Lowell, Massachusetts startup and creative firm focused on database technology and branding for large-scale projects.  Megabase manages client projects and is the group known for creating and running MusicIDB.com.  Formerly operated as MusicIDB, Inc.

For more information about MusicIDB.com or Megabase, Inc. contact
Brian J. Bahia,
Megabase, Inc.,
635 Rogers St, Unit #1, Lowell MA 01852.
Tel: (617) 398-7774

Web: http://MusicIDB.com
Web: http://Megabase.co

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