MusicIDB 2.5 – Release Notes

Here are the exciting updates that have come out with MusicIDB 2.5 Before and After Gallery of Template Updates for Company, Venue, Event and Artist Pages For All Users Redesigned Artist, Event, Company and Venue pages for easier access to

MusicIDB 2.2 – Release Notes

Here are the exciting updates that have come out with MusicIDB 2.2 For Artists You can now add Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Instagram links as options on your artist listing, and the respective social icon will display everywhere your artist listing

MusicIDB 2.1.2 – Release Notes

Here are some awesome updates that have come out with MusicIDB 2.1.2 For Promoter and Bookers Auto-Tag Your Most Common Venue, Company or Companies, and Artists when adding an event from your calendar.  Just use the Default checkbox underneath, next

Agreement Suggestions for Booking Bands and Artist Contracts

Here is a checklist for things that you might want to think about when writing a live music performance agreement, from the team at – The Music Industry Database. INTRODUCTION Consider a brief introduction, providing your name (if you want) and

MusicIDB 2.1 – Release Notes

If you’ve been clicking around on, you’ve certainly seen some of what we’ve been doing, but this past weekend’s launch is as big as 2.0, because it fixes a number of bugs and issues. In fact, we didn’t even send

MusicIDB Release Notes

This relaunch of our site included the changing of the name from, to // The Music Industry Database. is now built as a calendar, messaging and contracting platform at its core. Features for Bookers, Artists and Everyone