Frequently Asked Questions


Artist Q – How does claiming work?

If an artist is unclaimed, you can search for the artist and then click to view that artist’s page, and you will see “CLAIM THIS PAGE” in this control bar under the artist name at the top of the page.  If the artist has already been claimed and approved by at least one person – then there will be a Flag at the top right corner symbolizing that this artist is “owned” – to also claim this artist, since multiple users can share admin access to an artist listing – just click on the flag and you will get the claim request pop-up.  Just check the checkbox that you represent the artist and click submit.   We normally approve claims within an hour or two, but depending on day of week and time of day it can take up to 24hrs.   When we review claim requests, we essentially search the artist’s other network pages for evidence that the person claiming is either in the band or is referenced somewhere as a manager.

Promoter Q – How can I list a band on a gig I’m managing, on one of the set times, if they are not on the site or they are not claimed?

You can add any artist to any event by tagging or adding them. Only name, country, and general genre are required for a basic artist listing.

Promoter Q – Can a band play more than one set?

You can tag the same band on any number of sets from the Manage Event (sometimes labeled Manage Set Times) screen.