David Bowie’s Discography (+ Album Covers)

by MusicIDB Team
David Bowie Chronological Discography and Album Covers with Years

David Bowie’s (January 8th, 1947 – January 10th, 2016) passing this week was felt around the world.  His ground-breaking career included 27 studio albums, though references have been made to Blackstar being Bowie’s 25th album.

David Bowie’s Studio Albums

Here’s our tally of his actual studio records including the covers album Pin Ups from 1973.

YearAlbum TitleOrder of Release
1967David Bowie1
1969Space Oddity2
1970The Man Who Sold the World3
1971Hunky Dory4
1972Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust5
1973Aladdin Sine6
1973Pin Ups (Cover Album)7
1974Diamond Dogs8
1975Young Americans9
1976Station to Station10
1980Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)14
1983Let’s Dance15
1987Never Let Me Down17
1989Tin Machine18
1991Tin Machine II19
1993Black Tie White Noise20
2013The Next Day26
2016Blackstar (LP)27


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  1. ELLERY TAYLOR says:

    Not true – what you originally listed was the US cover of the album when first released in the States so no error on your part actually

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