About MusicIDB

MusicIDB’s development began in 2010, as a solution to the challenges of managing many contacts, events and artists for a booking agent at a live music venue.

Megabase, Inc, the parent company for the MusicIDB.com was founded on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed

We can only do so much without the incredible amount of support we’ve received from friends, family and the community.    A huge thank you for everything they’ve done for us already goes out to:

Ricky Pierce and Patricia Sturtevant
Ken Gervais and Xu Li Huang
Patricia Boshco
Michael and Jasmine Bahia
Douglas Quattrochi
Oliver Chadwick
Brian and Michelle Hubert
Keith Garde
The New England Music Awards
Indie Scene Radio
Boston Rock Radio
Evolvement Radio
John Fleming, Mike Flinn and Joe Graham
Laurie Molina & LJ Exposures
Merrmack Valley Sandbox
Lean Startup Challenge
MIT Enterprise Forum
Nutter, McClennan & Fish (esp. Megan Fein and Will Bernat)
Moody Famiglietti & Andronico (esp. Julie Desrosiers and Travis Drouin)
Matt Rea
Everyone who’s come in or made themselves available in their own time to offer feedback and insight on the project
All the bands, venues and fans who have supported MusicIDB over the years
and thank God for everything