About MusicIDB

It’s the digital age, and even though analog has its charm, most of us have noticed that there’s usually an easier way to get things done using technology.

MusicIDB.com sprouted in 2010, as a conceptual solution to the problems of managing many contacts and events and artists for a booking agent at a small club.  Founded by Brian Bahia of Chelmsford, MA, the initial prototype was developed in Drupal.   In 2011 Dan Shedd, a Lowell-based programmer, came on board to assist in developing strategy.   We were able to accomplish some impressive features in that prototype, but we needed more customization and were running into CMS limitations.

During 2011, Johanna Lovejoy became involved, providing an insightful point of view from a customer relations and marketing position.

Through an organization called ENET, Brian met Doug Quattrochi in mid-2012, who was currently VP of Operations at Terrafugia (yes, the Flying Car company).  A few months later Doug had decided to leave Terrafugia and shortly thereafter began working in a Finance and Operations role for the early stages of MusicIDB.

Greg Gervais, professional DJ and owner of Boston Live Events, came on board next, bringing to the table a surplus of industry experience and a powerful network of allies.

The icing on the cake was of course seasoned promoter Mitchell Candiano, of 182 Productions, deciding to join the team as our final cofounder, who is fully immersed in the mix of artists and shows here in the New England music scene.

MusicIDB, Inc. was born at 4:44 pm on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Shoulders of Giants

We’re proud to have the representation of McCarter & English, and the support that our attorney and chief cheerleader, Jim Coffey, has provided us.

We can only do so much without the incredible amount of support we’ve received from friends, family and the community.    A huge thank you for everything they’ve done for us already goes out to:

Ricky Pierce and Patricia Sturtevant
The Gervais Family
The Greg’s Mom Family
The Bahias
Oliver Chadwick
[All Investors]
Laurie Molina & LJ Exposures
Merrmack Valley Sandbox
Lean Startup Challenge
MIT Enterprise Forum
Nutter, McClennan & Fish (esp. Megan Fein and Will Bernat)
Moody Famiglietti & Andronico (esp. Julie Desrosiers and Travis Drouin)
Matt Rea
Everyone who’s come in or made themselves available in their own time to offer feedback and insight on the project.
All the amazing local bands we’ve spoken with
Evolvement Radio
and of course, YOU!

Who’s better than you? 🙂