Building an Event List for Multiple Venues or Artists now built into MusicIDB Events Calendar Plugin

by MusicIDB Team

Users of the MusicIDB Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress can now create an events list pulling events from selected venues and or artists of their choice.

Here are some great examples of when listing multiple venues or artists in one event list can be useful

  • You run an agency featuring multiple artists and would like to have all the artists upcoming events in a master event list on your website
  • You own and operate multiple venues, and want to show all the events at all your venues on a page of your parent company website
  • You run a local zine or blog and want to feature events from select venues, such as venues you have a relationship or promotional agreement with
  • You want to show off your friends and favorite bands events on your own website on a Community Events tab
  • You want to have a page for select venues in your city

Website Event List for Multiple Venues Preview

Multiple Venues or Artists in One Event List for embedding on WordPress Websites

Configuring the shortcode to display multiple venues, using the traditional list view and showing the venue names

Here’s the shortcode from our example:

[musicidb display="text" style="full" id="venue:61,venue:27,venue:595" showvenue="show" showartist="show" theme="dark"]

Website Event List for Multiple Artists Preview

If you play in multiple bands, or are a performer who has acoustic gigs as well as full-band gigs, this can be a great way to make it clear which shows are acoustic vs full band.  Essentially you would manage two artist listings, one such as “Millie Bobbie Acoustic” and “Millie Bobbie and the Stranger Things”

Here we’ve selected specific artists to find their upcoming events and used the “simple list” view to display them.

Here’s the shortcode from our example:

[musicidb display="text" style="compact" id="artist:10820,artist:290,artist:4444" showvenue="show" showartist="show" theme="dark"]

How to Set Up your Event Feed For Multiple Venues or Artists

All that’s required is a registered MusicIDB account and an API key and finding the ID for each venue or artist you’d like to add for any that you have not already claimed.

Here’s the Help Article to help you find the ID for any venue or artist.

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