Finding IDs of Artists for Venues for MusicIDB Plugin

How to find an artist or venue ID on MusicIDB

To find an ID for any venue or artist on MusicIDB, follow these three steps (as shown above)

  1. Type the name in the search bar
  2. Hover the matching result
  3. Look for the end of the URL which shows the ID you are hovering the mouse on (in Chrome and most browsers this URL is often in the footer of your web browser)

Note on Searching

Please note at the time of this article (5/19/21) when searching MusicIDB, characters such as a dash ( – ) character must be entered exactly to find a match – i.e. “ABrews” does not yet return “A-Brews”.  Until we roll out the update for a smarter search (anticipated Summer 2021), we recommend searching the most common denominator such as “brews” if you know for example that sometimes it might be spelled with a dash.  Another example would be Guns N Roses vs Guns N’ Roses, where without the apostrophe, the result is not found.