Video: General – Overview – Power of the Wiki and What Makes MusicIDB a Powerful Music Industry Database

One of the most unique features of MusicIDB is its wiki functionality. MusicIDB’s content is build by you the user. It’s a Wiki database, meaning any user can add and edit content in collaboration with others. The three main pages at the top represent the three types of content users can contribute too. If an Artist, Event, or Venue isn’t already in the database, any user can add it. Artist and Venues that are in the database are publicly editable until they are claimed. Then only the user or users who have been approved of their claim request are able to edit that listing.

If adding an event, it’s best to first check if the venue and artists performing are in the database. Use the search bar to do this. If not, add them first, so when you add the event you can tag the venue and all artists performing.

To add an Artist, Event, or Venue hover over one of the three main tabs. You will see the “Add a/an”. You can also click the green “Add” button from any main listing page.

Try adding your favorite Artist or Venue today! Any questions hit us up on Skype, email, or give us a buzz.

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