Video: Promoters and Venues – Managing your Calendar

To manage your calendar click on upcoming events or past events from any page. The default sort view is by date. You can also view by venue, if you are managing events at multiple venues, or you can sort the list by unread message first. Also stay tuned for the anticipated release of our calendar view. It’s set to roll out soon.

As you scroll down you can quickly reference by color what gigs are pending or booked. A gig changes from pending to booked once all set times are filled. You also get a quick visual cue to tell you if the event is published or not. Once you publish an event it gets pushed out to the event list, the venue’s page, as well as onto any band’s page tagged in the event. You’ll notice I use the word quickly and easily a lot, that’s what MusicIDB’s all about.

For each gig in this list, all that info you wanna to quickly reference is there; data, time, genre, venue, number of sets, and booked artists. You can easily turn the booking on or off. This hides the gig opportunity so you no longer get inquiries. Click manage for more details and tools for each gig.

Check out the video “Creating Set Times” to see how to create and manage the industries first set time generator.

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