Video: Promoters and Venues – Genie Draw Calculator

The Genie Draw Calculator is a very valuable tool for any promoter or venue. To access it go to your upcoming events calendar and click manage on any show.
You can find the Genie Calculator in a couple different spots. One is under inquiring artists. This makes it a lot easier to decide which bands to select for your show. Fill in the number of online fans they have, then the distance from their hometown to your venue, and boom, the Genie gives you an estimated draw for that artist.
Once you have approved artists on the bill your manage screen is the other spot you can access the Genie. Fill in the fan count and distance for each act. The draw calculator not only gives you a number for each artist, but also a total guest estimate. Don’t forget to save your work.
Once MusicIDB has finished development on it’s distance filtering features, the Genie will then have the option to fill the fan count and distance automatically, making it that much easier. The Genie also takes into account real world data and will become more and more accurate over time. It’s a real game changer.

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