Video: Promoters and Venues – Book a Show 101

Book a Show 101

We’re going to show you how to set up a show for booking. This is a feature Venues and Promoters get with a Pro Subscription. This allows you to find and book artists within the site, tag artists you book off the site, manage set times, estimate draw, promote the event, and after the event add records like door-total and notes about performers.

From any page click “Book A Show”. Select your agreement for this show from the dropdown (see “Managing Agreements” video if you have questions about this). Next, tag the venue, then select a date. Choose if you’d like this gig to be open to inquiries, choose when you want the booking inquiries period to end, select the door time. Next fill in the title of your event, you get the option to show the artist names in the title or subtitle, then click next.

On the next page select the atmosphere and type of event, as well as genre and click next.

And on the final page you can tag the promoter, add other details about the gig, and upload a poster image. Click save and it will instantly appear in the Gig List, if you turned booking on, and in your Upcoming Events folder.

When you’re ready to promote this event, look for the “Publish Show” button from the Manage Event screen.
Any questions hit us up on Skype, email or give us a jingle.
Start gigin’ with MusicIDB so you, and the bands, can have more time, to have a good time.

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