Post: General – F.A.Q.’s

Artist Q – How does claiming work?

If an artist is unclaimed, you can search for the artist and then click to view that artist’s page, and you will see “CLAIM THIS PAGE” in this control bar under the artist name at the top of the page.  If the artist has already been claimed and approved by at least one person – then there will be a Flag at the top right corner symbolizing that this artist is “owned” – to also claim this artist, since multiple users can share admin access to an artist listing – just click on the flag and you will get the claim request pop-up.  Just check the checkbox that you represent the artist and click submit.   We normally approve claims within an hour or two, but depending on day of week and time of day it can take up to 24hrs.   When we review claim requests, we essentially search the artist’s other network pages for evidence that the person claiming is either in the band or is referenced somewhere as a manager.

Promoter Q – How can I list a band on a gig I’m managing, on one of the set times, if they are not on the site or they are not claimed?

You will have to add them to the database if they aren’t there already, only name, approx hometown and general genre are required.  Once the artist listing is created, search for them and then click “Book” on the control bar and send an invite by selecting the show on the left from the modal pop-up and clicking the “+” button, enter a character like “1” as the message since that is a required field at this time even though no-one will receive the message as this is not a “claimed” artist.   Now that you have “requested” this artist, the artist will then be in your “Requested Artists” box on the “Manage Gig” screen of your event.  You can then click Approve (*this button is available for unclaimed artists only) and choose a set time for this artist.

Promoter Q – How can a band play more than one set at my event

This is a work in progress, but it is possible – You will just have to re-book them for the same event.  This means if they’re claimed they’ll have re-approve the agreement, and then you can put them onto another set.   This may be occasionally useful, but if an Artist is playing 3 sets, or more – it’s best to avoid trying to get the set times perfect because each “set” will show up as a separate “gig” on the artists’ gig mailbox.   We’ll be cleaning this up in with our next round of funding.

Promoter Q – I added my Company as a Promoter, but it still is not connected to my profile or my events.

The step of creating a company won’t automatically tag you as associated with it, you’ll have to edit your profile details, where you can tag the now created company.   When you create a gig, you can also edit the event details and navigating to “Presented By” where you can tag your company after it has been created.

Artist / Fan Q – When will MP3’s and Artist Music work better on the site?

We anticipate developing that set of features mid-2014 if we stick to our schedule.