Post: Promoters and Venues – Agreement Suggestions

Here is a Checklist for Things that You Might Want to Think About When Editing Your Agreement


Consider a brief introduction, providing your name (if you want) and an idea about what this show is all about (that perhaps isn’t obvious from the listing). IE – “Tom here from Tom’s Bar, this gig opportunity is part of a Friday Night Series showcasing local bands, please inquire if you haven’t played in at least a month”


Covers / Originals / Both:
Min # fans:
Max distance from venue:
Ideal age-range of Performers:
# of performing entities:
Artists to play or a Promoter to Book?
Artists to invite other artists?


Load-In Time:
Where to store gear when you load-in:
Where to load-in through:
Doors Open Time:
Parking Information:
Gear Required:
Gear Not Required:
Sound engineer provided/needed:
Merch Booth Rules for Artists:
Guest List Rules:


Length of Sets:
# of Sets per Artist:


ex 1. “Please make sure you post this event on your facebook page and website and do at least a few social posts inviting people etc”
ex 2. “Please do not book an event 2 weeks before or after this event within 20 miles of this venue, so as not to dilute your draw.”


ex. “Please provide your name and cell phone number to reach you, and tell us what you believe you would draw at this venue”


How will the artists be compensated?
When will the artists be paid?


Is there a bar tab for artists?
Food / Water?

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