Post: Promoters and Venues – How to Add a Gig: Step One

It’s fast and easy to create a gig opportunity.  We email artists regularly with new gigs posted, so it’s a great way to expand your network.

Step One: Choose an Agreement or Create Your Own

MusicIDB agreements

You can “Duplicate, Save, and Edit” one of our two default agreements, or create your own from scratch.

You can create as many agreements as you need (e.g., one for acoustic Fridays, one for your Saturday showcase).

Why Agreements in Advance are Good for Business

MusicIDB agreements

Agreements let you plan for different possibilities as well as find the bands you want:

  • Tell bands you’re looking for 21+.
  • Indicate whether you’re looking for covers, original music, or either.
  • Consider clarifying your rates: percent of door, percent of bar, or flex rates.

A Neat Example We’ve Seen

Charle Le Blanc Flickr thumbs up

“Band will get $100 to $250 for the night depending on experience.”

That freed up one Lowell venue to get a new artist without turning off potentially higher-draw applicants.


Once you have an agreement, you can hover over “Events” and click “Add a Gig.”  We’ll walk you through this in the next article.

Try it:

Click here to create a basic agreement (or log in and click “My Show Agreements” at left).

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