MusicIDB 1.2 Release Notes

by MusicIDB Team

MusicIDB 1.2 has some major improvements from the previous version, and offers some exciting changes for Event Organizers and Artists alike.  Most notable improvements are in bold.

Feature Improvements and Fixes

All Users

  • Responsive Mobile design implemented for viewing on smartphones or tablets (Phase 1 of 2)
  • Facebook Like Button/Fan Count shows for artists in Artist List and on Artist Detail template
  • List templates (Artists, Venues, Events and Gigs) now correctly allow any of the filters to be combined
  • Internet Explorer problem with saving/ adding new content is fixed
  • Artist List default sort order improved to first show all artists that have upcoming events, then by ‘fan count’, then if there are 10 artists with the same fan count, they are ordered by  ‘nearest event date’
  • “Loading” bar/graphic when adding new content or editing content so people know when MusicIDB is working!
  • Add Artist, Event, Gig and Venue re-worked to simpler and easier – the first section before “continue” is always required content, 2nd tab is all optional.
  • Artist List slow load time improved
  • Social Links Improved for Artists and Venues
  • YouTube option added for Links
  • Event List shows Artist Images when No poster is set (Need to revisit and get correct sizes)
  • Share Button on Artists, Venues, Events & Gigs to post a listing on social networks or send to email addresses
  • Simplified Claim Requests
  • Warning “alert” pop-up when leaving one modal pop-up and entering a new one so that users do not automatically lose progress in the original modal.  (for example if you click Add New Event and then click Add New Artist in the artists section)
  • “Attending” button working on a few templates where it was not working before
  • Rebuilt “Features” walk-through pages with more screenshots for Artists, Event Organizers, and Fans
  • Optimized Page Titles on Artist, Venue and Event Detail templates for Search Engines and Social-Sharing Description
  • A few places where date was shown incorrectly are all fixed
  • Event List cleaned up formatting and placed Venue’s in light blue containers for visual clarity
  • MP3’s are playable from Artist Detail template, but are not yet “pausable”.  So if an artist has 2 mp3’s the blue play button at the top of the page plays the latest uploaded track, or you could click on music in the artist library and click the black play button and hear it, but to stop the 1st mp3 and play the 2nd you would have to refresh the page at this time.
  • Lots of general fixes and improvements to images, pages and pop-ups
  • Repair to prevent “stuck modal” issue when saving new content

Event Managers

  • Emails sent regarding new messages on MusicIDB now show full message, full name of who sent it, in addition to the date of event and venue
  • Artist List can be filtered to show only artists who have claimed their pages, and therefore can be invited to gigs directly, under the advanced filter tab
  • Published / Unpublished Events / Past Events now show all messages under the mailbox dropdown below each event, so you can quickly scan through all messages (and/or respond) without clicking “manage gig” for each event.
  • An event’s mail dropdown link is a mailbox instead of a black triangle – red flag is up on mailbox when there is a new message
  • Fixed “Book” button’s Date Bank to hide past events when inviting an artist to play a show


  • Emails sent regarding new messages on MusicIDB now show full message, full name of who sent it, in addition to the date of event and venue
  • An event’s mail dropdown link is a mailbox instead of a black triangle – red flag is up on mailbox when there is a new message
  • Gigs are more concise in the Gig Mailbox
  • Added Link to current Artist Profile at top of Gig Mailbox

Visit to Experience 1.2

Known Issues

All Users

  • Need “loading” graphic to clarify when a list page is still loading so users do not attempt to use filters until the page is ready.  At this time you’ll know when it’s done because the filter-tabs “snap” into place and line up with the rows on the right
  • Date-Picker during Event/Gig Creation does not work correctly in some browsers – The Google Chrome browser will offer the correct User Experience of this feature, otherwise you can type in the date using the correct formatting (like this “7/25/2014”) if you experience this bug.
  • Clicking “Check All” for any Genre Section does not show accurate count of results in Refresh Button
  • Images should never be “stretched to fit” – we never intended that to occur but there are still a few places we need to make corrections to this improper formatting
  • There is no control to delete or hide content yet, but this in progress
  • Events can only be managed by 1 person, they should be able to have multiple administrators like artists and venues


  • Issue with cancelling an event that you have been invited to, control does not work correctly

Event Managers

  • In the future it will be possible to batch-update your MusicIDB calendar, to say for example every friday and saturday you want to offer the same general agreement and allow inquiries.
  • Event Records not available for Events Created as “Events”, only for Events created as “Gigs”. If this is not clear to you, Gigs are for Booking Artists, and when a Gig is Published it becomes an Event which are what appear in the Event List for Fans to browse.
  • There is no way to change an Event into a Gig to “do booking”. You will need to create a Gig instead, and contact [email protected] to delete the event as it is not possible to have 2 events on the same date at the same venue in our system
  • It is not possible to have 2 Events happening at different times at the same venue yet.   We will fix this ASAP.  Venues with more than 1 floor currently need to have each floor listed as a venue in order to specify which “room” it’s in.   Therefore, venues with multiple rooms will not have 1 page that shows all events happening at that venue.
  • It is not possible to have a private venue, we are adding a control for “unlisted” venues soon.  Such as a home address or a “one-time only” venue such as a field.  This means it is possible that odd venues may appear in the Venue List until this feature is available.
  • To tag artists to a gig in the past, for example if you wanted to track records of the last 3 months of events, or if you had a last minute artist join a bill and didn’t update the event listing before it passed, you would have to temporarily change the date to a future date, then “book” the artist, then fix the date.


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