Post: General – Understanding

A brief introduction to

A social-fed database

The site is designed to make it very easy for anyone to browse artists, events and venues.

Advanced, easy to use filters make it possible to quickly find a martini bar that has jazz shows, free parking, and food, or upcoming cover band shows

Like and Love Artists and Venues so that later you can easily filter upcoming events by only seeing what you love but you can still support your cousins band.

It is a social-fed site, or we sometimes say “wiki-based” because registered users are able to contribute content.   This leads to a site that ultimately has a much more complete library of information then other kinds of sites.

Of the 3 main kinds of content, artists, events, and venues, we’ve limited base-users, which are set up with an account profile called “fans”, to being able to create only Venues, and Artist Listings.

Users who register as a musician, agent, venue manager, or promoter, can create Event Listings in the site.   The reason for this is because Events are more likely to have someone managing them right away, and so if someone catches wind of a big upcoming festival, we want the people who are putting the festival together to control the information presented, especially where the information is date-sensitive.

Ok, so – since fans, and other registered users are adding Artists and Venues, ideally someone who represents these artists and venues will come along and “claim” their listing.

Claims must be approved by our staff (or eventually automatic methods), but once a user has had a claim approved, they are able to add more information, and act on behalf of that entity.
For your reference there is an Definitions list on our blog under About that helps clarify what we mean by our choice of certain words that are used throughout the site.