Mission is built to be a robust and sophisticated, user-built database of factual information covering the wide spectrum of the music industry.

Our priority is to create digital solutions to common needs of fans, artists, musicians and music industry professionals. We will continue to evolve our solutions to be ideal in an evolving industry.


We will remain devoted to treating all members with the highest regard, whether they are fans, musicians and artists, or industry workers. We will not slight any party to advance the agenda of another party. We will respond to requests and keep people in the loop regarding any issues.  We will strive to be, as much as possible, a transparent organization.


Our solutions will be easy to use, yet provide advanced features that people find helpful.  We will continue to evolve the site, without drastic changes to core systems that people enjoy. We will devote ourselves to always adding features that people want.  We will respond to customer feedback with a clear explanation of how much push different ideas will need to be implemented.


We will keep essential tools FREE for fans and FREE for bands. The ability to inquire about playing a gig, is essential to an artist. It is essential that fans are able to find what they’re looking for, and are able to contribute to the database.

We will provide exceptional value to our paying customers, mainly Venue Managers and Promoters who book artists, saving them time, and providing them with high quality event management tools.

Advertisers & Sponsors

Paid, or sponsored material, will always be labeled clearly, and will never be mixed within a section of organic content.


We reserve the right to change our policies and positions at any time.