MusicIDB Events Calendar Plugin – Now Available for Venue Websites

Live entertainment. Club promotion. Venue management. All these pursuits have one thing in common—booking live music.

Getting the word out is the next step. As a live music venue web developer, web designer, or venue owner, the music venue calendar plugin you use is the gateway for customers to discover your upcoming artists and bands. Updating that live music calendar plugin can be a time-consuming and burdensome task.

MusicIDB’s Events Calendar WordPress Plugin puts time back in your hands.

We’ve created a calendar platform that makes managing your entertainment schedule simpler and faster. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can input an event with tagged artists (and their music), show details, and so much more.

We’ve speed-tested MusicIDB against other common calendar tools such as The Events Calendar, Google Calendar, and Timely All-In-One Calendar, and bet you can add the same show details faster at MusicIDB. In addition to that, MusicIDB is the only product that offers a way to build your own artist network, off of one central database of artists you can tag on your website calendar.

This means instead of all the work being on you, half the work of adding pictures, links, videos and music for the artists you’re booking – may already be done.  Even if you end up adding artists yourself, you will never need to add details for the same artist twice, because MusicIDB becomes your database, complete with a comprehensive “My Network” dashboard spreadsheet of artists you’ve booked.

MusicIDB’s live music management software makes updating your web-based live music calendar easier and more valuable for the business, and its customers.

Calendar Examples & Screenshots

Integration, Ease of Use, Automatic Updates

MusicIDB’s new plugin is about saving time, and giving your patrons more reasons to come to your venue. Our new software gives you the power to integrate an easy-to-manage venue listing on MusicIDB, with an event calendar that automatically populates on your website in real time.

You can also input private notes on your MusicIDB dashboard, meaning all the information for your events stays in one place. Like your own personal pocket calendar, you can consolidate your entire live music booking process within one simple back-end.

Calendar Functionality Beyond the Basics

You might already be using other calendar plugins, such as Google Calendar. But, without integrating pictures, music, videos and links —(ps, can we all agree that Google Calendars do not look like they belong on your website in the first place?)—the main feature of your page can end up being little more than an eyesore.

Our new plugin is integrated within the design and functionality of your website, which means the money you spent on creating a great venue page isn’t wasted on a clunky and stale calendar. With the ability to display concert posters for each date, this makes for a more aesthetically pleasing—and altogether more useful for you and your patrons—alternative to Google Calendars, and any other calendar plugin.

Time is money, and you want more of both. That’s where the true value of MusicIDB’s calendar plugin comes in.

Reel in Visitors with Actual Music

Here’s a scenario—I’m looking to go out on Friday night, but I’m not sure where to go. I have a couple venues in my area, so I check out their calendars.

The standard calendar might tell me who is playing, and give me the set times. But, if I want to check out an artist, I have to open another tab, navigate away from your website, and take extra steps to see if I’m interested in the music you have playing that night. And, each time I have to navigate away from the website, the chance of my choosing your venue decreases.

But, with the MusicIDB Events Calendar plugin, customers can simply click any date and music, videos, band links, and the poster display instantly in an elegant overlay, without ever leaving the calendar page. You’re winning over the visitor with the actual music, inspiring them to show up, and increasing your bottom line.

Try MusicIDB Events Calendar for WordPress

If you want to save time, bring more value to your patrons, and turn a painful administrative task into an afterthought, our Events Calendar plugin is ready for you. Be a beta tester, and help us make our product better, all while making your life easier.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have one of the hottest music venues in town, MusicIDB’s Events Calendar plugin energizes your event calendar’s functionality and value, geared toward attracting more patrons.

To make it even sweeter, if you sign up for a Pro Account, we’ll offer to personally sync your calendar so you can skip the show and artist data entry. Sign up now for a promotional discount:

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Sign up with us today, and see the MusicIDB difference for yourself.  To get started, you’ll need an API key for the plugin.

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