MusicIDB 3.0

by MusicIDB Team

Venues and Event Managers

  • Event Records Spreadsheet view gives venues unprecedented data about their bookings and revenue including an event profitability calculation
    • Options for Bar Sales, Automatic Calculation, Option to break down draw by artist or not
    • Automatic Event Profitability Calculator
  • Upcoming Events Dashboard Spreadsheet offers a checklist type of experience for event details on each user’s account dashboard.
    • Search past or upcoming events on dashboard dates or records by event title or artist names
  • Generate your own API key for MusicIDB Events Calendar WordPress Plugin use from your venue page
  • Run MusicIDB Featured Events on your venue TV screen

    Using one of the HDMI ports of your bar or venue’s TV, you can display a webpage with your featured events slider. We can set up the page at no cost for all pro customers, participating venues only need to purchase a Chromebit.

  • Drag / Drop to reorder artists on set list from Manage Gig screen now mobile friendly


  • Upcoming Events Dashboard Spreadsheet
  • Video Drag/Drop Ordering on Artist Library Manager
  • Artist Page Photo Gallery improved

All Users

  • Artist List now can be filtered to only find recently active artists by active within X months
  • New Landing Page Experience
  • Account Management Improvements
  • Cleaned up infrastructure for significantly faster load times
  • User Introduction pages recreated and updated
  • Significant improvements to mobile experience
  • Search now ajax-powered
  • Tons of fixes and optimizations
  • New upgraded server

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