MusicIDB 2.5 – Release Notes

by MusicIDB Team

Here are the exciting updates that have come out with MusicIDB 2.5

Before and After Gallery of Template Updates for Company, Venue, Event and Artist Pages

For All Users

  • Redesigned Artist, Event, Company and Venue pages for easier access to information and events are higher up on the pages
  • New Releases Featured on Right Sidebar
  • Session Cookie so you will not be booted out of the site and need to log back in when our development team redeploys new updates for MusicIDB
  • When viewing integrated venue calendars, or events on your dashboard, you can now scroll through the artist cards with little slider arrows visible in the pop-up card of the event details
  • Integrated Drag and Drop Image Uploading so you can see the new images in place for posters or when adding artists on a new show
  • Like/Love Artists Experience had bugs that have been fully resolved.   Try going through “Undecided” on Artist List and picking out favorites to easy view them later – i.e. Show me artists I love within 15 miles of Boston
  • Some responsive mobile bugs have been resolved
  • Fixed an issue for Firefox users where typing in forms would get stuck occasionally
  • Removed annoying javascript alerts which are replaced with a clean and green confirmation message
  • Country field always defaults to US when adding new artists, venues or companies
  • Increased maximum image upload allowed to 2000 x 2000px

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For Artists

  • Event Listings now have FB RSVP links
  • Your artist listing and social links appear as a hover-card on all pages that list events with you tagged as an artist
  • Your social links are now visible on list view and calendar view of any integrated venue or company webpage using the MusicIDB Events Widget.
  • Ads removed from Artist pages, more space for artist information
  • All information editable on the Edit Artist pop-up now displays back on the template, mostly in the right sidebar area for a given artist’s page

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For Promoter and Bookers

  • Event Listings now have FB RSVP links
  • Duplicate Events – just click on an existing date, and select new dates in the date-picker on the left to save the event on other dates
  • Quick-Edit Events – Adding New Events and Clicking on an Event to open it in the Pop-Up Editor are now identical, so you can edit any field of any event with the pop-up Editor
  • Hover Cards on Dashboard Calendar so you can more quickly jump to manage a show and check if you have inserted FB link, ticket link, and see what images are being used
  • Hover Cards for each event on Dashboard have links to Pop-Up Open/Edit Event, Setlist Manager, Event Records
  • Event Listings have a new Ticket Price field allows extended information (in addition to door cover charge field), for example “$17 GA / $20 Balcony” could be entered
  • Age field now visible on all listings
  • Rich Text characters previously appearing as a ? in event descriptions and other Rich Text areas are now rendering correctly
  • Fixed a bug with Open Dates showing on Calendar when the option to hide them was enabled
  • It is now possible to pass a number as a limit on how many events load in the sidebar events widget
  • Calendar view on venue and company integrated pages will load as list view for mobile users instead of calendar by default, this option can be turned off with a parameter
    • &toggleView=true
    • &toggleView=false
  • Links in a Rich Text area now open in a new tab when displayed within an integrated Venue or Company webpage
  • Images improved in calendar integrations
  • Added event descriptions to integrated pages which expand collapse and can be expanded or collapsed by default for all events
    • &descrip=visible
    • &descrip=hidden
  • Now possible to add new artist’s social links while adding events from the calendar – if you forget to put http:// before each one, MusicIDB will still make sure they work properly
  • Booking is now off by default when adding new gigs from the calendar, to allow more quickly adding events that are not open for booking
  • Add from calendar revamped to only require tagging the venue prior to being able to save.   When tagging new artists, only required field is at least 1 genre (maximum of 3).  The field for artist genre will be properly highlighted red if you forget.
  • Events with multiple Artists will now always display in the order they are set on the Manage Gig screen

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