MusicIDB 2.1 – Release Notes

by MusicIDB Team

If you’ve been clicking around on, you’ve certainly seen some of what we’ve been doing, but this past weekend’s launch is as big as 2.0, because it fixes a number of bugs and issues.

In fact, we didn’t even send an email out after it officially went live, because we realized there some things that really needed more attention. So, now that the work is really done – here’s why MusicIDB 2.1 is worth its weight.

Features for All

  • Fully Responsive for Mobile Devices, Tablets.
  • Any slow loading pages can now load very quickly – this was solved by “ajax” loading events on Artist Pages, Company Pages, and Venue Pages.
  • Streamlined Logged In User UI so you can more easily work within your own account
  • Event Pages can be Claimed and Managed by Multiple Users
  • Website and Facebook Integrations (Embeddable Widgets) Improved Design
  • Add Event Popup and Add Gig Opportunity Popup Simplified with Tabbed Navigation for Tags, Details and Gig Agreements
  • Tons of cleaned up details on the Interface

The following is notes from the initial MusicIDB (2.0) Release (January 2016) is now built as a calendar, messaging and contracting platform at its core.

Features for Bookers, Artists and Everyone Else

  • Radius Search so you can pull up Indie Bands within 30 miles of Boston for example, available on Artist List, Gig List, Event List and Venue List
  • User Location Filtering so if you are not logged in, you will be served items within 100 miles of your IP’s known location on all list pages (Artists, Gig Opps, Shows & Venues).
  • National Platform – Thanks to this location filtering, will work for you, where-ever you are in the United States.
  • Major Update to Aesthetic of Site, focusing on subtle improvements without drastic changes in the basic site functionality existing users are familiar with
  • Mobile Functionality – Calendar Management, Adding Shows, browsing the Artist List, Event List, Venue List and Opportunity list all set up properly for use on a mobile device
  • More Bang for the Buck – Tightened up Events and Artists on list pages to are shorter and more are visible at once
  • New Account Remote Panel – This left side panel allows instant access to each of your pages, calendars, and mailboxes
  • Infinite Scrolling on all list screens instead of “next page” (so just scroll down to see more)
  • Scalable – Site has been moved to a scale-able server stack to allow for unrestricted growth

Features for Bookers (Promoters and Venue Managers)

  • Dashboard Calendar to manage your events!  Akin to Google Calendar, this calendar is very powerful to allow add and editing shows without leaving the page.  On any date, instantly turn booking on and off as needed, and tag or remove bands on each date as well.  (Previously you could not modify artists of any event without loading the event page itself.)
  • Dashboard Mailbox to view all messages, which is sortable, searchable and provides a great work-flow experience. Messaging that was built for live music.
  • Quick-Add Artists – Adding Events allows tagging new or exists artists (without separately adding artists to the database).
  • Genie Draw Calculator – Now fully automatic – this feature displays estimated draw for inquiring artists based on distance of artist from venue and fan metrics
  • Better Screen Layout – Tagging artists and venues appear in dropdown instead of slide-out on right side, which resolves issues for some users with narrow screens and older browsers
  • Premium-Feature – Sort Artists by Facebook Like Count, temporarily exposed for user-testing.   (Show “Rock artists near Boston in order by Facebook like count” for example).  Temporarily, this feature is exposed publically to all users.

 Features for Artists

  • Dashboard Calendar to manage your events!  Expect functionality similar to Google Calendar except you can tag any venue to make your show appear on the venues page if they haven’t added it already
  • Dashboard Mailbox to view all messages, which is sortable, searchable and provides a great work-flow experience. Messaging that was built for live music.
  • Interested Checkbox to Submit to Gigs  – this means you can apply to gig opportunities without writing a message, just to share with a booker that you have interest in their event, so they can start the conversation.  Artists are still able to submit a message the same way as before if they prefer.  Since you may represent multiple artists, you will have to choose a default artist account first time you note that you are interested, and there is a 2-click process to confirm the artist selection on each gig when you represent multiple artists.
  • Not Interested / Close Button for gigs that are not of interest on Gig List to prevent seeing events you are not interested in when returning to the Gig Opportunities list page.
  • Tag Notifications – if your claimed artist listing is tagged on an event, you will receive an email notifying you that your event is being promoted on


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