MusicIDB 1.6.2 Release Notes

by MusicIDB Team

Features for All

  • Location Search on Artist List, Gig List, Event List and Venue List
  • Facebook Tabs Working for Events and or Gigs for Artists, Venues, and Companies
  • Advanced Filter to View Only Venues with Open Gig Opportunities on Venue List
  • Artist List has Thumbnail AND List View Toggle Options
  • Cleaned up Edit Artist Details and Library Tabs
  • Updated user experience on edit screens
  • Age Fields Integrated and Available to Note Valuable Details on Artists, Events, Gigs and Venues
  • Cleaned up Expanded Areas on Most Templates/Pages

Features for Promoters and Venues

  • Customized Embed Widgets are now available to venues and promoters by request from users to the development team
  • We removed several pop-up alerts, saving click-time to get stuff posted
  • Venues have a new field “More About The Venue” where they can add history, their mission, or write about their team and staff, etc.

 Features for Artists

  • Artist Mailbox Rebuilt for Better Experience and easier access to unread messages

Visit to Experience 1.6.2

Known Issues:


  • Need way to archive (hide) events that are not going to happen (cancelled show, denied inquiry, etc) from Gig Mailbox

Event Managers

  • There is no way to change an Event into a Gig to “do booking”. You will need to create a Gig instead, and contact [email protected] to delete the original event.
  • It is not possible to have 2 Events happening at different times at the same venue yet.  Venues with more than 1 floor currently need to have each floor listed as a venue in order to specify which “room” it’s in.   Therefore, venues with multiple rooms will not have 1 page that shows all events happening at that venue.


print setlist - final


widgets - final



One Response to MusicIDB 1.6.2 Release Notes

  1. Ad says:

    Hi Brian and Dan — I joined today — cool product and great-looking, cutting-edge UI! But immediately had difficulty with filtering. For example. SEE ARTISTS -> Location -> expand -> select country=US, state=MA, and city=Worcester -> Click to Show (105) Results. Expected result: paginated list of 105 artists. Actual result: endless wait.

    Same result on latest Chrome, latest Firefox, and IE10. Was able to get results for city=Acton (6 results), but not city=Waltham (8 results).

    I have 20 years experience in original indie rock bands, also a self-recording solo artists, and now a tribute artist. Also 20 years of deep and wide-ranging experience as a software QA Engineer and Leader in product-development companies. If you need QA help, let me know!

    Ad Boc

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