MusicIDB 1.6 Release Notes

by Dan Shedd

Above: Promoter Mailbox updates for Each Event. MusicIDB 1.6 has arrived! In this release we’ve updated the look and feel of the site, added a few exciting new features, and fixed a number of small bugs.

Features for All

  • New Landing Page Design
  • New Sidebar Design
  • Login with Facebook, even if your facebook email is different from you MusicIDB email you can link them on your account page for instant click-login.
  • Images on Artist/Venue/Event Detail pages will now show a zoomed in version when clicked on
  • Artist List loading time has been fixed
  • Image sizes around the site have been updated to make things look less awkward and take less time to load
  • Updated user experience on edit screens

Features for Promoters

  • Message All (Group-messaging) functionality in Promoter Mailbox and on Manage Gig to reach each event’s artists.
  • Added “Unpublish Gig” functionality and created a “Published” on/off switch for Promoter Mailbox and Manage Gig
  • Improved Promoter Mailbox design and user experience

 Features for Artists

  • Soundcloud Embed Functionality

Visit to Experience 1.6

Known Issues

All Users

  • There is no control to delete or hide content yet, but this in progress


  • Need way to archive (hide) events that are not going to happen (cancelled show, denied inquiry, etc) from Gig Mailbox
  • Editing track information after uploading will not let you save without uploading the same MP3 file again

Event Managers

  • There is no way to change an Event into a Gig to “do booking”. You will need to create a Gig instead, and contact [email protected] to delete the original event.
  • It is not possible to have 2 Events happening at different times at the same venue yet.  Venues with more than 1 floor currently need to have each floor listed as a venue in order to specify which “room” it’s in.   Therefore, venues with multiple rooms will not have 1 page that shows all events happening at that venue.
  • It is not possible to have a private venue, we are adding a control for “unlisted” venues soon.  Such as a home address or a “one-time only” venue such as a field.


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