MusicIDB 1.5 Release Notes

by MusicIDB Team

We are very excited to announce the release of MusicIDB 1.5 – which is live as of 9/1/14. It’s been great getting feedback from meetings we’ve been having with the Promoters, Venues and Artists that have used MusicIDB, and we’ve put in an incredible amount updating MusicIDB to match the needs of its users.

Yes there are tons of bug fixes and improvements, but what makes the MusicIDB 1.5 release special, is the design overhaul that’s inspired us to clean up lots of sections and makes the site feel way more fun to use for booking and promotion.  We brought in some amazingly talented designers for this round to get the user experience and site to be easier and modernized.  Wait ’til you see what’s in store for MusicIDB 2 😉

Here’s a look at what’s new with 1.5 – most notable improvements are in bold.

Features for All

  • Updated Modern Design
  • *New Landing Page with Insightful Overview of Site
  • *New Logged-in Dashboard with Easy Access to All Features
  • *Company Pages
  • *Gig Opportunities Tab on all Company and Venue Pages
  • *Duplicate Events (Available on Gig Mailbox for Artists or My Shows and Mail for Promoters)
  • *Add Multiple Dates
  • *New Venues List Design
  • Email Preferences Available on Account Page
  • *Company Search
  • *Lower Box Tabs are Lit with Content on Single Listings
  • *All lists now use Ajax to load faster
  • All lists now use loading graphics when filltering, loading, or changing pages
  • Search is Smarter (ignores “A”, “the” and “an”)
  • Search understands & and special characters
  • Add Event form is simplified for faster use
  • Date-Picker Bug in Firefox and Explorer replaced to resolve issues
  • Event Listings can be Updated by Anyone with Any Approved Claim
  • Minutes of Events dropdown shows 00,05,15,30,45 for faster use then every minute of the hour
  • City/State dropdowns now can type and search for the result (much faster experience)
  • *Much More Stable
  • *40% Faster
  • Dozens of Bugs Repaired
  • *Over 500 Hours logged hours of design and development improvements since last version release

Features for Promoters

  • Company Embed Widget now available to add Gig Opportunities and/or Events to your website
  • Venue Embed Widget available as well, options for Show/Hide header, gigs, etc
  • Ajax message sending on Manage Gig
  • Add Gig Form simplified for faster use
  • Series Option so All Repeat Events with a Single Artist are under 1 event listing on Venue/Company Page
  • Added Save All Button to Control Bar of Manage Gig Screen to Save Genie Updates
  • Latest Claimed Artists Weekly Email Alert now available
  • Booking On/Off Switch available when creating Gigs, and from Upcoming Events list

 Features for Artists

  • Gig List now Sortable by “Newest Added”
  • Artist Gig Mailbox Redesigned
  • Youtube Option under Links
  • Image validation helps dictate when an image is too large

Visit to Experience 1.5

Known Issues

All Users

  • There is no control to delete or hide content yet, but this in progress


  • Need way to archive (hide) events that are not going to happen (cancelled show, denied inquiry, etc) from Gig Mailbox

Event Managers

  • There is no way to change an Event into a Gig to “do booking”. You will need to create a Gig instead, and contact [email protected] to delete the original event.
  • It is not possible to have 2 Events happening at different times at the same venue yet.  Venues with more than 1 floor currently need to have each floor listed as a venue in order to specify which “room” it’s in.   Therefore, venues with multiple rooms will not have 1 page that shows all events happening at that venue.
  • It is not possible to have a private venue, we are adding a control for “unlisted” venues soon.  Such as a home address or a “one-time only” venue such as a field.


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