Let’s Get More Gigs

by Johanna
Let's Get More Gigs- ArtistBomb.com

For bands, getting gigs is a challenge that takes hours of hard work- sometimes for little to no pay.  What MusicIDB.com is trying to achieve is a quick and intuitive way to help your band get more gigs in a fraction of the time.

Step 1:  Sign Up For MusicIDB.com- FREE

MusicIDB is an innovative web application built with you in mind.  We took our knowledge of the struggles local bands like you are facing and created easy-to-use solutions. Our advanced filtering allows you to decide what sort of venue you want to work with, as well as what bands you add to a show you are playing.

Step 2: Claim Your Page

Your band may already have an MusicIDB fan page.  Our wiki-functionality gives fans of your music the ability to add a little something about their favorite artists. (But don’t worry.  We leave info like media uploads, status, and promotions to page managers only.) Don’t have a page yet?  No problem.  Just paste your Facebook ID and we will automatically upload your info.  Boom.

Step 3: Book Shows

It’s as easy as it sounds.  Either find the bands, promoters and venues you want to book shows with or wait for them to connect with you. Decide set times, negotiate terms and keep records of conversations.

Step 4: Go From Booking to Promoting In One Easy Click

One of the most exciting features MusicIDB is providing is the creation of an event.  Other web based promotion tools allow each band to create their own event autonomously from the other acts on the bill.  This leads to a spotty accounts of how many attendees will be joining any given show.  What we are doing differently is automatically tagging each performer in a show they have booked.  This lends to a much more ccurate account of attendees and allows each band to work together to garner the better results by promoting the same event to their individual audiences.

Step 5: Enjoy the Show

Enough said.

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