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by Johanna
Book better shows with

Venue Managers and promoters are constantly challenging themselves to book better shows.  Here’s how we can help.

Step 1:  Sign Up For

Our team knows that it takes an enormous amount of time to book a show.  Our surveys of local venue owners and promoters indicate about 10 hours per week .  On top of that, it’s not always lucrative enough to warrant the amount of time it took to put the damn thing together.  That’s why we’ve created this website.  We took our knowledge of the struggles local venues and promoters are facing and created easy-to-use solutions, from streamlining and organizing communication and agreements to calculating draw to help you book better shows.

Step 2: Venue Representatives – Claim Your Page

Your venue or promotion agency may already have an MusicIDB fan page.  Our wiki-functionality gives fans of your work the ability to add a little something about their favorite places to hang out. (But don’t worry.  We leave info like media uploads, status, and promotions to page managers only.)

Step 3: Book Better Shows by Adding Gigs

It’s as easy as it sounds.  You can either use our advanced filtering system to select which bands you want to play or create a gig opportunity and wait for performers to apply.

Create a gig opportunity and decide which acts are the best fit.  Calculate how many fans a band will draw with MusicIDB’s exclusive Genie Generator.  Also see what other venues and promoters have to say about working with a new band.

Decide set times, negotiate terms and keep records of conversations.

Step 4: Go From Booking to Promoting In One Easy Click

Speaking of creating an event-  Other web based promotion tools allow each user to create their own event autonomously from the other acts on the bill.  (Think Facebook- every band creates their own event and no one knows how many people are coming.)  What we are doing differently is automatically tagging each performer in a show they have booked.  This lends to a much more accurate account of attendees and allows each band to work together for optimum results by promoting the same event to their respective audiences.  Why hasn’t someone done this before?

Step 5: Enjoy the Show

Enough said.

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