Announcing the Long-Anticipated, Newly Opened

by MusicIDB Team

Our team is excited to announce that we are out of super secret beta mode and our site is LIVE to the public.  We have spent the better part of the last month working closely with beta users to work out most of the kinks and we are ready for you to enjoy our hard work.

Just a reminder of some of the awesome features you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Fans of live music can easily find cool events in their area as well as follow the bands they love
  • Musicians & Bands can take advantage of gig opportunities
  • Event Managers are able to book and promote live shows
  • Everyone gets to support the local music scene

And hey, if you know any bands, fans or venues and promoters who would like to make life easier, share this video with them.  Who couldn’t use a little good karma?

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