Lean Startup Fuse is Lit at MusicIDB

by MusicIDB Team


The people at MusicIDB.com are delighted to be participating in this year’s Lean Startup Challenge Boston 2013. We’ve been working since November of last year, but this past week shows how the Lean Startup Challenge is helping us kick it into high gear.

Clearing the Schedule

Even before the challenge began we’ve been preparing for the future.  On Thursday we settled important details about insurance, our employee handbook, and some financial forecasting we’ve been doing.  We did this with the help of our partners and friends at William Gallagher, McCarter & English, and The Capital Network.  Back at the office, we also looked over our minimum viable product (MVP) and talked about whether and how we can build on it when we get to that point.

The Lean Startup Challenge Begins

The kick-off Friday night was a lot of fun.  We met a lot of very interesting people.  On Saturday, outside of the formal program, we continued to “get out of the office” with two user feedback sessions from the perspective of a “fan” of live music.  And later that night we sent someone to Acton Jazz Cafe to see what that venue’s all about.  On Sunday we learned a ton about pricing strategies from Price Intelligently.  That presentation got us talking about some assumptions we had made. The conversation carried through to our MIT Venture Mentoring meeting on Tuesday, after which we decided to conduct some Van Westendorp surveys about a feature.  We’ll be doing that this week.

We’re thankful that we’ve been able to apply lean principles even before the lean startup challenge.  This has saved us time and money.  The Lean Startup Challenge is going to be great motivation to really take it up a notch.  We’re looking forward to it!

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