Features for Fans

We believe that since a website built for booking and promoting shows would include a massive database of events, artists, and venues – it should be set up in a way that’s easy and fun for fans to browse and find what they like.

The site is set up to serve as an archival library of information related to the Music and Entertainment Industry.   So whether bands are active today or disbanded in 1964, national or local, MusicIDB.com will always offer a space for them, at no cost whatsoever.

Live Music Listings
and Entertainment Events
– Easily Filtered to Your Interests

Filter Upcoming Event by Genres that Appeal to You, Start Date and Event Type


Discover New Artists

“Check All” for Main Genre Sections so you Can Quickly find All Rock or Metal artists etc.



Add Events You Find On the Event List to Your Own Dashboard Calendar

Your name is not shared with the artist or other guests, but the counter goes up showing artists and fans how many people are have added each event to their own calendars.


Like or Love Artists & Venues

Quickly filter Artist List or Venue List to showing only what you like or love, or show the entire database.


Wiki-Building: Be A Contributor

Add Artists or Venues to the Site for the benefit of others.  Edit outdated details or add information on unclaimed Artists and Venues


100% Free for Fans (and Bands)

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