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If you were alerted, or recently discovered that your band was added to MusicIDB without your knowledge, this is mainly because

MusicIDB is WIKI

Our goal was to build a database that served as the perfect Booking & Promotion platform for Event Organizers.  In order for Event Organizers to keep track of various bands who have played their venue, they have to add them to the database, if they aren’t already in there.

Let’s say Jim own’s Jim’s Bar where bands play on Saturday nights.  Jim occasionally books Band X, but band Band X isn’t on  When Jim goes to update his Event Calendar which is hosted on MusicIDB, he wants to tag Band X, so he is asked to “Add A New Artist”, then he can quickly just mention that Band X is the name of the band, they are from New Hampshire, and they play Rock.   Simple as that, Band X now has “an artist listing” on MusicIDB and Jim can now tag them to this event and any future event.  Conveniently, when Larry from Larry’s Pub books Band X, he won’t have to add them again.

Little Wiki, Big Promo

We took this to a whole new level because when Jim and Larry publish their events, the artist listing (page) for Band X will show Jim and Larry’s upcoming events automatically, and vice versa.

So consider this – 6 bands are playing Larry’s Pub – if just one person tied to the event, such as Larry, or the bassist from 1 of the 6 bands, goes and adds the event to MusicIDB, then all 6 bands pages will show the upcoming event, also the venue’s page, and also the Event List.  There is also an Event Detail page with links to all the bands’ MusicIDB pages and also their linked social pages.

Very shortly (from Feb 2014) we will be offering artists and venues the ability to have their MusicIDB hosted events on their Facebook Pages and their official Websites – so think of how far this event promotion can go just by 1 person adding the event to   Imagine being able to update the hot new venue your playing’s website just by listing the event on

It’s just like journalism, and we try to encourage people to link back to the artist’s other sites on the internet, as you see in the “About this Artist” box on most artist pages.

Claiming Your Page

If Jim happened to know Band X’s email address he may have entered it when he added them, and we then send out a one time email to invite this artist to come and claim their artist listing.  The service is free for artists, and they are welcome to use MusicIDB to promote their events and connect with new promoters and their gig opportunities.

Artist listings are publically editable until they are claimed.

Copyright and Permission

So this is an encyclopedia of indie artists and their events and venues.   There is no copyright infringements because people cannot add music on another band’s behalf.  It’s exactly the same as Wikipedia, where anyone could go and add a new listing and some general information.

Sometimes when people create the listings they grab an image that’s believe to be in the public domain, like a Facebook profile image, of course with images we have follow the instructions of the copyright holder, meaning the photographer or graphic designer.  So it’s possible that someone could put up a photo of a band, and the image owner could ask support at to take it down, which we would happily do.

Another comparison is Yelp, where almost every business gets listed because they exist, and the owners are invited to come and claim their page later if they feel like it.

We hope this message gives you a better understanding of what MusicIDB is and how it helps you as an artist.   Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas about other ways we can make artists and event organizers very happy.

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