Post: General – User Types

There are currently six main user types on the site.


Fans will register to be able to Like/Love Artists, Add Events to Their Calendar.   They can also add artists and venues to the system to help populate the database.  In the future fans will be able to also engage in the social network within the site.

Artist Agent

Agents who represent artists may manage multiple artist listings, they can do this in harmony with the artists themselves.  The main features they’ll be interested in is responding to and managing gigs, and updating artist listing as needed.  They have access to all fan features as well.

Musician / DJ / Performer

This user does, or wants to do, something people like to see and/or hear.   Once they have a performing act they will list and/or claim their artist listing on the site.   They can then respond to gig opportunities, negotiating the agreement for their performance, and requesting the set-time of their choice.  When you get booked to play a gig, the show will automatically appear in your Artist Listing’s calendar.  They have access to all fan features as well.

Promoter / Event Manger

This type of user put shows together or manges events.    They have the ability to record event records, like how much they made, how many guests came to each event, what the artists were paid.   They can also record notes of their review of working with the artists at their events.   They can easily put together local showcases with 8 bands, or book cover bands for every Friday and Saturday night at a popular bar.  They have access to all fan features as well.

They have option of adding their company, and creating gigs that are then “presented by” that company when relevant.

Venue Manager

This user is the person people seek out when they want to put on a show at this person’s venue.  This user will likely “fill the holes” in the calendar, if not book every show themselves.   They have the same features available as Promoters/Event Managers above.   These users will likely claim ownership of a venue listing, and update the information as needed to promote their business.  They have access to all fan features as well.


We couldn’t list every kind of music industry position, so anyone who doesn’t feel sufficiently represented with the above User types can engage with the site as “Other”, and we’ll try to give these users the opportunity to make it clear what they do, and who they do it for.  They have access to all fan features as well.