Video: Promoters and Venues – Managing Agreements


Managing Agreements –

Setting up your agreements is one of the first things needed to be done when you start using MusicIDB. It gives you the flexibility to set up standard terms for each event you book. No more having to spell out the terms to each inquiring band for each event you’re trying to book. Set it up once and it’s done.

First make sure you’re signed in, then hover over the settings gears and click on “My Show Agreements”. MusicIDB gives you some common agreements as a starting base, you’ll see those here. If you ever get stuck you can always browse our agreement suggestions and instructions.

To start customizing a stock agreement first click on the one closest to what you want. For example, suppose I am going to set up a Flat Rate Agreement for a Reggae Sunday event. First highlight the “Flat Rate” agreement, then click duplicate. You’ll see it appear as a copy, highlight it, then edit. Once done customizing, click save. Next we want to rename this agreement, highlight then click “Rename”.

Try setting up a gig agreement for each type of show you have. Such as the Reggae Sunday example, you may have a “band splits the door” or a “cover Band night” agreement in which each has it’s own conditions and payment arrangement.

Now when you set up your gig and either post a gig opportunity, or search for a band to play the event, the artist will see your agreement. Check out the “Book a Show” video for a more in depth tutorial of how this is done. Click “Book a Show” to set up a new gig. From the “Starting Agreement” drop down you’ll see the agreement we just set up, Sunday Reggae, select that, then fill out the rest of the required fields and your gig is set up.

The Beauty of this is the next time you have to book Sunday Reggae, the agreement is already set up ready to go. If you need to customize it for a certain event or specific artist, you can do so without losing this starting place.