VIDEO: General – Overview

An overview of the Music Industry Database that’s wiki-based and is a FREE service for artists.

Concepts to Note

  • Venue Listings and Artist Listings (Pages) are Publically Editable UNTIL they have been claimed
  • Fans can add Venues and Artists, but Artists, Venue Manages, Promoters, Agents and Other Industry type people are able to add events
  • A registered fan or any other user can add events found on the site to their own dashboard calendar, and like or love artists and venues for easier discovery of events and news they’re interested in by filtering the artist or venue list by “likes” or “loves” or both.
  • Gigs appear in The Gig List and Are Opportunities for Bands to Inquire
  • Events appear in the Event List and are either Gigs that have been Published or Events that did not need any “booking” features from the site
  • Adding an Event with 5 bands at a particular venue would display the same event on 5 separate search-optimized band pages, 1 event page, 1 venue page as well as the event list and the venue list.

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