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D-Tension's Secret Project

D-Tension’s Secret Project

Local radio personality, rap guru and man about town, Steve Perez (known as D-Tension to his fans) has a secret. For the past several years, Perez has aspired to produce a rocking album of some of the highlight musicians of

Book better shows with

So You Want to Book Better Shows

Venue Managers and promoters are constantly challenging themselves to book better shows.  Here’s how we can help. Step 1:  Sign Up For Our team knows that it takes an enormous amount of time to book a show.  Our surveys

Massachusetts State House.

How Do I Get a Music Promoter License in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts General Law requires licenses for various forms of entertainment and promotion.  If you’re looking for a music promoter license, then you’re in luck.  This article explains the confusing terminology in the law and will help you to decide if

Not a Honda

The Value Proposition

You’ve got a bunch of sweet tracks recorded.  You can’t wait for the world to hear ‘em.  What’re you going to do to make people notice?  Well, obviously you’re going to make a super-expensive video, because you’ve heard that YouTube

Digital Music Faves- from MediaMonkey to Spotify

Digital Music – From MediaMonkey to Spotify

I mostly just wanted to give a shout-out to my favorite mp3 player : MediaMonkey. It’s unbelievable how great a job those guys have done building an mp3 player.   Does exactly what I want it to do, and was

An Interview with DJ Icculus

Tim Icculus Dunning, aka DJ Icculus, is an alto Saxophone player and a DJ whose turntable skills have landed him several festival spots in the last few years. He is from Lawrence MA and currently is involved with 3 bands

Booking Your First Gig

The Groundwork So you got together with a couple of your friends in the garage with some used instruments and started making noise. Eventually that noise morphed into songs, and pretty damn good ones at that! The house party you

Christopher Michael Jacques

Meet Christopher Michael Jacques

Christopher Michael Jacques is a guitarist from Quincy, MA.  He currently is involved with Progressive Jam Rock Band People With Instruments. Visit Chris on Facebook

Courage in Collapse EP Nears Completion

So recently we’ve recorded a single called “Nothing left to Hide” and you can find that on any one of our social media websites. We have an EP being released soon which is a little more on the heavy and

How to License your Venue for Live Music

If you own a bar, night club, or other venue hosting live music, you might want to protect your business from copyright complaints by getting properly licensed. The rule of thumb is, if you have a cover band or a