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Should I Use a Band Name Generator?

Thinking about starting a band?  Maybe you’re looking to rebrand?  There are a surprising number of band name generator websites out there.  They’re fun, right?  Some of you might be okay with any random name, but for everyone else, here

Let's Get More Gigs-

Let’s Get More Gigs

For bands, getting gigs is a challenge that takes hours of hard work- sometimes for little to no pay.  What is trying to achieve is a quick and intuitive way to help your band get more gigs in a

Exploring on Lowell Sun YouTube Channel was featured in the Lowell Sun, they posted this Related Video. The video shows cofounders Mitch, Brian, and Doug talking about how the site is used, and some early feedback from local Promoter Mic Stylez who manages events at

“Fishbowl” – FREE mp3 from The Cranks

“Fishbowl” Performed by The Cranks From the album Orange Written by The Cranks Click Here to Download an MP3 of “Fishbowl” by The Cranks The Cranks are an Indie Rock group from Dunstable, MA.  The following is an interview with singer Haley Gowland. Visit The

“Take Sounding” – FREE mp3 from Daemon Chili

“Take Sounding” Performed by Daemon Chili From the album Rise Up Written by Michael Dion Daemon Chili is a Roots Rock group from Lowell, MA.  The name is actually an anagram of frontman/songwriter Michael Dion.  The group is a 7-piece featuring

Lydia Warren Band at BackPage Lowell

Lydia Warren Band

Saturday night it was cold, it was slippery and I did not want to go out. But I try pretty hard to make it out to at least one show a week, so I left my warm house and dragged

FREE mp3 from The Pocket Money Orchestra

“The Four Finger Stomp” Performed by The Pocket Money Orchestra Written by Ben Siwak and Brian Cogger Click Here to Download an MP3 of “The Four Finger Stomp”  (Right-click and choose “save as..”)

Will Social Ticketing Boost Live Music Events' Attendance

Will Social Ticketing Boost Live Music Events’ Attendance

Earlier this week, Colos-Saal – German Live Entertainment Club of the Year 2013, revealed its use of viral acceleration and social ticketing tools. After recent research conducted by Ticketmaster showed that 40% of all entertainment tickets go unsold and that