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“Bad Co.” – from The Band Apollo – FREE mp3 download

“Bad Co.” Performed by The Band Apollo Written by JJ and Jtru  Year of Release: 2012 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Bad Co” by The Band Apollo (right-click and choose “Save as…”) The Band Apollo is an Pop Rock Group from Hallowell, Maine. Visit The

“Multi-Tasking: The Many Hats of Venue Owners”

One of the staples of weekend night life is heading out to the local bar or club for some live music.  While the appeal of live music has remained strong, the challenge of booking acts to play at the venues,

“Tell All” – from Just Sayin’ – FREE track download

“Tell All” Performed by Just Sayin’ Written by Debbie  Spaulding Year of Release: 2013 Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Tell All” by Just Sayin’ (right-click and choose “Save as…”) Just Sayin’ is an Alternative, Pop Rock Group from Littleton, MA. Visit Just Sayin’s page

“Nothing For Now” – from Under Atoms – FREE track download

“Nothing for Now” Performed by Under Atoms From the album Selfish Agenda Written by Heather Taskovics Click Here to Download an mp3 of “Nothing for Now” by Under Atoms (right-click and choose “Save as…”) Under Atoms is an Indie Progressive Alternative Rock Artist from Salisbury,

MusicIDB and Artists:How to make MusicIDB work for you

  It’s tough being an artist. Most days, you can’t get a gig unless someone knows you’re good, and nobody knows you’re good until you’re already on stage shaking your butt like it’s on fire. Somewhere between that 3 foot

2014 Summer Festivals Attendee Scorecard

We thought it would be fun to put together a list of all the big festivals in a 300 mile radius of our Lowell Headquarters from May 1st to August 31st this summer.  Then we decided it would be MORE

My Missing Half logo

An Interview with My Missing Half

My Missing Half is a melodic death metal band from the Boston area, originally from Lowell. Having grown an impressive fan base in the area for over 3 years, My Missing Half is almost ready to release their debut album, The

The Party Band Members Seth Bailin and Danny Dugan

An Interview With Seth Bailin of The Party Band

The Party Band have been together only a little over a year, yet they have already made a lasting impression on the Lowell music scene. Not only have they just released their first album ‘Transcendenta’ themselves, but there are also