Let's Get More Gigs-

Let’s Get More Gigs

For bands, getting gigs is a challenge that takes hours of hard work- sometimes for little to no pay.  What is trying to achieve is a quick and intuitive way to help your band get more gigs in a

Lydia Warren Band at BackPage Lowell

Lydia Warren Band

Saturday night it was cold, it was slippery and I did not want to go out. But I try pretty hard to make it out to at least one show a week, so I left my warm house and dragged

D-Tension's Secret Project

D-Tension’s Secret Project

Local radio personality, rap guru and man about town, Steve Perez (known as D-Tension to his fans) has a secret. For the past several years, Perez has aspired to produce a rocking album of some of the highlight musicians of

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So You Want to Book Better Shows

Venue Managers and promoters are constantly challenging themselves to book better shows.  Here’s how we can help. Step 1:  Sign Up For Our team knows that it takes an enormous amount of time to book a show.  Our surveys

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A quick blog introduction from two of MusicIDB’s Co-Founders – Johanna Lovejoy & Dan Shedd