Features for Venue Managers & Promoters

MusicIDB – your combined booking and website calendar

  • Clean and Easy Dashboard Calendar

    See what dates are open for booking, and what dates are announced or not yet announced at a glance

  • Add New Events Quickly From your Dashboard Calendar

    For any date, add private notes, list as open for booking, and announced (published to all tagged pages) or unannounced (hidden from site)

  • Quick-Edit Event Details such as Artists and Notes

    Update artists, venue, companies, private notes, booking switch and announced switch by clicking on any existing event in your calendar

  • Integrated Websites

    Many customizations available, and you can request custom development by our team to display your event data ANY WAY you’d like.

  • Fully Responsive for Mobile Users

    You can use MusicIDB.com from your phone or tablet.

  • Event Distribution and Promotion

    • Announced Shows are displayed on our popular Announced Shows page + all tagged artists’, venue’s, companies’ and sponsors’ pages.
    • Announced shows appear on any integrated tagged entities actual websites.
    • Announced shows are sent automatically to our distribution affiliates such as BostonRockRadio.com, thebuzz413.com, LowellSpin.com and more!
    • Coming Back Soon – Announced shows are emailed out in the Shows This Weekend weekly Wednesday night email to all subscribed fans on MusicIDB.com.


  • Create Open Dates / Opportunities for the Artist Network to Browse & Inquire

    Be as simple or thorough as you like in your performance offers.

    Post an opportunity for any kind of event you’re seeking, such as a Cover Band show or Original Live Music.

  • Opportunity Distribution Value

    We send opportunities out every Thursday night at 8pm to all registered artists within 100 miles of your gig opportunity from our database of over 8,000 artists.

    The opportunity is displayed on the opportunities page of the site so long as the booking switch is on, and the ‘booking ends’ date has not expired.

  • Mailbox

  • Book Inquiring Artists by Approving

    When an artists responds to a gig, they select whether their approval to perform is “Pending” or “Agreed”. Artists who have agreed to the proposed agreement can be booked to the bill in 1 click.  Artists who chose “pending” are underneath in the Inquiring artists box.

    Messages between artists and you will pop out under each artist on each event.

  • Create Sets / Calculate Set Times / See Estimated Draw for Artists

    • Drag and Drop artists onto the desired set.
    • Calculate the times for each set with the click of a button.
    • The Genie Draw Calculator offers an Estimated Draw for Inquiring Artists.
  • Print Set Times Sheets

    A staple of any multi-band showcase, hang copies by the door where guests come in, in the green room, a few on the stage monitors and one for the sound guy.

  • Event Records to Track Your Business

    Note draw, artist pay, additional income, additional expense, so that you have a full overview of your live music business.

  • Publish reviews or make private notes about experiences with artists.

  • Pricing and Account Types

    Free Account

    • Includes All Features Shown
    • Add/Manage Unlimited Events
    • Ad-powered – an industry ad may display below your calendar

    MusicIDB Pro Account

    $16.49/month paid annually at $197.88/year

    Or pay $19.99/monthly.


    • For up to 400 capacity venues or promoters who manage clubs of that scale (upgrades available for larger venues)

    Pro Features for Bookers:

    • 1-Time Synchronization Service – we’ll sync your existing calendar to your MusicIDB account so you have no data entry to get started
    • Create / Manage Recurring Event Series
    • Images Viewable directly on calendar
    • No ads
    • Message All Active (Claimed) Artists on Each Show
    • Unlimited Direct Line / One to One Support
    • Brand Customization for Your Website Integration (Up to 4 hours)

    More information on Pricing