Timelapse video – Adding 30 shows in 12 minutes to one venue’s calendar

We added 30 shows for a venue to help them synchronize their calendar from their booking notes, when we finished we were amazed to realize the entire process took only 12 minutes.

It’s the kind of thing that makes the years of work, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars we’ve invested as cofounders in this project feel justified.

A client shared with us that the reason she purchased a pro venue account for each of the four venues she manages, was because before MusicIDB she had to log into four separate websites, and slowly add one new event after another, which took hours.

She couldn’t believe how fast she could add all the events to all four venues using MusicIDB when her booking partner would send her the new batch of dates every few weeks.

Disclaimers related to the above video!

This is a venue who has been using MusicIDB, so 95% of their artists are already in the database. We also aren’t adding a lot of the details on these particular shows such as start time, facebook link and event description, but what we are adding is band pictures, videos, links, genre, bio, location on every show – as it’s all attached to the artists we’re tagging.

There were a couple of artists in this lot that were not yet in the database, and that takes a few extra minutes. One band we created a quick entry for (no picture, no details) to set up the show with a basic artist listing, so that was part of the 12 minutes, and at the end we take 2 extra minutes to fill in their pictures, links, bio, and add a video from Facebook that we demo on the venue website as this video ends.

If you’re not completely familiar with MusicIDB – it is a wiki platform, which means that registered users can contribute information.  Once a band is “claimed” by authorized parties, only those authorized are able to edit the band’s details from that point forward.

Visit MusicIDB.com to learn more.